Who is ChrissyLoh?

The name is Christina. Love all things related to beauty and fashion. My mom probably will tell you how I used to love hanging out at the dining table with laced cloth that was against the wall with Victorian styled wallpaper; or how I loved to play with her lipsticks and nail polishes when I was a kid. I was inspired to grow up to be a fashion designer but that didn’t happen. My mom used to make fashionable clothing for my sister! Still a designer – online and offline marketing materials, corporate, retail, etc.

A mom to a beautiful daughter who is quite fascinated by beauty stuff too. She is my mentor in life.

At this age of 35, starting a beauty blog sounds ridiculous (well… Readers want new trendy content, isn’t it?). And, there are tons of beauty blogs out there. But really, that’s what I love! I have lots to share!

You’ll get to read about beauty, parenting, kids, food, and occasionally fashion related posts here.

If you are interested to chat beauty related stuff with me, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s chat!

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