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Revlon is probably one brand I was exposed to when I was a kid. I remember my Mom used to own a few of their nail polishes and maybe a lipstick. The slanted top black handle with gold trim on the bottle cap always so classy and elegant.

Fast forward to teen then adulthood, though Revlon has always been easily available, I moved on to brands like Mary Quant, Clinique, Clarins and Prescriptives. Revlon was a little too old a brand for young ladies. Up until they released a range of Super Lustrous lip glosses (the square tube ones) that caught up with the younger market. I remember I had most of the colours – Glossy Rose, Nude Lustre, Raisin Glaze, etc. The non-sticky formula with gold pearl shimmer was a hit!

Today, the Super Lustrous lip glosses in square tubes have been discontinued. However, Revlon still releases many iconic lip color ranges over the years – ColorBurst™ Lip Butter (no longer available in Singapore), ColorBurst™ Balm Stain, ColorBurst™ Matte Balm, ColorBurst™ Lacquer Balm, ColorStay Moisture Stain™, Super Lustrous™ Lipstick, etc. In my opinion, Revlon makes one of the best drugstore lip products. The formulation, the selection of colours, the finishes, there is definitely something for everyone! (Gee… This beginning to sound like an ad. I swear it’s all because I’m a fan!)

Super Lustrous™ Lipstick
This comes in different finishes – pearl, shine, creme and matte. Not all colours made it to our shore. Sadly. Pearl, shine and creme finish with a sheen. Of the three finishes, shine has the sheerest colour payoff. Glides on effortlessly. Despite being a drugstore brand, the packaging and twist mechanism are of above drugstore quality. I have many lipsticks from the drugstore, ranging from Asian brands to Europe brands. The twist mechanism from Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick feels high quality and oddly satisfying whenever I use it. Sounds like a shallow lipstick nerd eh. Hahahah!


ColorBurst™ Balm Stain/Matte Balm/Lacquer Balm
The ColorBurst™ Balm range is probably one of my favourite from Revlon. Moisturising balm but not melty as the Lip Butter formulation, and excellent colour payoff for a balm! It comes with a refreshing minty feel upon application. The downside is the twist turn at the bottom of the tube easily becomes faulty after a while.


ColorBurst™ Lip Butter (no longer available in Singapore)
Creamy to the extend that the stick broke. One of the tubes I have actually did melt a little in my bag. Sigh. I love Berry Smoothie as my YLBB colour. A pity that it’s no longer available here.


Super Lustrous™ Lip Gloss
Translucent glossy shine. I love it when I just want plumped up glossy lips. It’s good old jello-like lip glosses.

Ultra HD™ Lipstick/Lip Lacquer
This range has the highest colour intensity among all the lip products I have from Revlon. Its unique wax-free gel formulation makes application a breeze and the colour less lightly to cling onto the lip creases.


Colorstay Moisture Stain™
It’s supposedly to be a moisturising lip stain. Yes, supposedly to be. Moisturising, yes! Stain, no. I love how they leave a high gloss dewy look on the lips, but dislike how the stain wears off too quickly and how it leaves an unsightly colour frame around my lips. Wear with care, ladies. (My review: http://chrissyloh.com/blog/2015/01/29/revlon-colorstay-moisture-stains/)

Revlon Nail Enamel
It was a friend who got me back on their nail polishes. I’m not sure if they have changed their formulation or I have been using too much crappy nail polishes. These glide on EFFORTLESSLY (sorry for the caps. I have to make my point, you see.)! You know some of the polishes clump up a little if you have too much product on the brush? You know how some dry up too quickly that it pulls the surface when you try to brush another stroke? You know how some just sit on your nail like a blotch of ink waiting for disaster to happen. Yea! I didn’t get those with Revlon nail polishes! Allegedly, Christian Louboutin applied a Revlon red nail enamel to the soles of his early designs. Does Revlon Red look like the one?


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