How to remove gel nail polish


Seriously, I drag the idea of going to the salon to get the gel polish off. I have to make an appointment, arrange someone to take care of my daughter or bring her along… The worse is, depending on the skill of the manicurist, I probably end up with some scratches and ‘dents’ on my nails. So today, I’m going to DIY at home while my daughter is napping.

You’ll need:
1. Cuticle pusher – either the wood or the metal one will be fine
2. Nail polish remover – those that contain acetone
3. Cotton pads – cut into smaller size that at least a cm bigger than your nail surface. You probably want to just use the thumb to estimate the size.
4. Aluminum foil – cut into smaller pieces that is enough to at least wrap around the finger twice.
5. Vaseline
6. Cotton swab
7. Nail buffer
8. Cuticle oil
9. Strengthening nail polish – optional



1. Use the rough side of nail buffer and file the glossy surface away. This helps to allow the remover to soak in. Be careful not to over file the surface though.

2. Using a cotton swab, apple a thin layer of Vaseline on the cuticles. Try to avoid applying too near to the polish. This helps to protect the cuticle from drying when soaking the nails in remover.

3. Soak up the cotton pad with nail polish remover and press it on, making sure the cotton pad is in full contact with the polish.

4. Wrap the foil around the finger. Make sure u wrap it tightly. The nail polish remover gets soaked in better when the cotton maintains full contact with the gel polish surface.

5. Wait. I waited for 10-20mins.

6. Take the foil and cotton pad off to check. The gel polish should come off easily from the edge. Run the pusher over the nail. If you feel you are using a lot of strength to scratch off the polish, you’ll need to soak them again.

7. Viola! Apply cuticle oil and you are done!

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