Feb/March 2015 Empties


I have a very bad habit of buying products and stashing them away before I even finish the dozens in my bathroom. Many times, I ended up buying and using the same products over and over again, even they aren’t doing any for me. Hence, I’m going to write down short reviews of the products I had used up every month or 2 months. I guess this helps me to use up the products, and minimize the habit of stashing products away.


BabyGanics Bye Bye Dry Moisturizing Therapy CreamWash
Available at Watson’s
This was meant for my daughter but both of us ended up using it. Like the name suggests, it’s a creamy body wash. Very gentle on the skin, not drying. Probably give it some kinda fragrance to make shower more enjoyable for my kid – she isn’t very keen that it’s non-scented. Repurchase? Maybe.

Bifesta Express Cleansing Water – Moist
Available at Watson’s
My all-time favourite cleansing water. Not drying and doesn’t make my skin breakout. However, I feel my skin getting a little drier lately – perhaps it’s due to age and stress. So I’m alternate between cleansing water and cleansing balm now. Repurchase? Definitely!

DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash
Available at Watson’s
Cleansing foam that I reach for in the morning. Quick and easy. But as I had mentioned above, my skin is getting a little dry lately, hence it is best to avoid foam in my skincare routine. Despite it says moisture, it’s not moisture for my current skin condition. Repurchase? Maybe. I still have a bottle of spare in my stash which I plan to only use it twice a week.


The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
Available at The Body Shop
A cleansing balm to remove makeup. Less messy than cleansing oil. My skin does breakout a little after continuous usage for a couple of days. No doubt a great balm for my dehydrated skin condition now. Repurchase? Yes, for now.

Davines MELU Mellow Anti-Breakage Lustrous Conditioner
Available on BellaBox.sg
Another of my favourite hair conditioner. It does contains silicone and I’m not a fan of it in hair products (Read more about my take on hair product here: http://chrissyloh.com/blog/2013/07/08/the-body-shop-shea-beautifying-oil/#more-320). But it’s listed as the 8th ingredient in their ingredient list, so at least I know the conditioner is not infused with silicone that’ll make my hair sticky and tangled. It contains Quatenium-8 that helps to soften and condition, and most importantly, speed up drying time. Yes, I do notice my hair dries faster whenever I use this conditioner, leaving my hair soft. Repurchase? Definitely!

VDL Skin Expert Cream
Available at VDL stores
A lightweight cream. It feels like it’s absorbed into the skin almost immediately, leaving a nice dewy skin. You know the saying ‘You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone’? That’s how I feel when i finished this cream and moved to another brand. It’s actually quite gentle and yet moisturizing for my skin. On its website, it says this cream supposed to tightens up saggy, feeble lines and provides a balanced volume so that you can have a nice makeup on skin. Not sure about the “tightening up the skin” claim since this is just the first tub I used up, but I really miss the dewy skin! Repurchase? Definitely yes if not for its hefty price tag – IIRC, $80 for 50ml. So, it’s a maybe for me.

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